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    Maximilian, Endless Legend is pretty good. Civ-ish.
    RevHellfire, Picked up Doom in steam sale, anyone see anything else worth gaming.
    RevHellfire, So many millennials tears at the moment.
    ButcherOfNog, Order of Battle: World War II is now free on steam, I presume the free DLC available works with it

    RevHellfire, Cool, stuck it on the download list.
    MoustachioedDictator, Civ6 explained to n00b: http://www.cracked.com/video_20214_escort-mission-civ-vi-history-maniacs.html
    Maximilian, I hope everyone is going to pick up Civ VI in a few weeks.

    RevHellfire, Tempted for sure. What multiplayer options are available? Does it offer the more sedate offline play like before ?
    ButcherOfNog, Its out, spent a few minutes looking for info on the exact multiplayer support, looks like same as Civ5. Game seems to be Civ1 with better graphics, but then so was Civ2, Civ3, Civ4 ..... :)
    RevHellfire, I'm on for picking it up if it looks like we could a game. Is there a pitboss or save game option like last time?
    Maximilian, Doesn't look like pitboss/pbem is working yet. The game itself is really good though. More complete than Civ 5 was at launch.
    RevHellfire, HTC Vive or Occulus Rift, that's the question for me at the moment. The joys of signing bonuses, free money.
    RevHellfire, Which with legion's demon hunters also released means a busy weekend gaming :D
    RevHellfire, I was weak... went ahead and purchased it.
    Maximilian, yeah but waiting for reviews first. no point pre-ordering and the incentive is crap anyway.
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    by Published on 14-10-2018 01:25 PM

    For a while I've looked for a way to easily play sound-clips triggered by my StreamDeck though my microphone interface.
    And while the StreamDeck allows for the playback of audio on a button press, it lacks two important functions which I need.

    Firstly, to be able to select the output device used for playback.
    This is important because I intend to use a spare output device as an input to a spare input on my interface using a simple cable.

    Secondly, I prefer to use "push-to-talk" when using my microphone in games, as such the software needs to simulate the mouse press I use.

    The software at the link below offers these features.

    SoundPlayer Information and download
    by Published on 27-01-2017 01:48 PM

    Happened upon this video a while back which catalogues the final death throws of Commodore.
    As someone who's been party to a number of failed startups in my time, I certainly can empathise some of the reactions in the video. Also we're all old enough to remember those haircuts and glasses.

    by Published on 18-09-2016 11:35 AM

    So I had a moment of madness and decided to blow my recent earning on a VR headset, the HTC Vive in particular. There didn't seem much between both it and the Oculus Rift in terms of price (Oculus is cheaper, but that doesn't include shipping and taxes which brings up to near parity). Add the much superior pair of steam VR controllers to the single x-box controller along with the addition of room tracking makes the decision for me at-least a no brainier between the two.

    Elite Dangerous with a VR headset really comes into its own, it's with doubt one of the best showcases for VR on the PC. While the resolution doesn't match that of a good monitor the extra sense of immersion quickly makes up for that shortcoming.

    Here's a wee sample of the standard game making a run from Barnard's Star to Earth, the head tracking to bring up the console works really well. Adding a HOTUS joystick means you don't need access to the keyboard.

    The VR headset is great when you're playing CQC (Close Quaters Combat). Though I still have a habit of denting the panels when taking corners :)
    by Published on 14-08-2016 01:46 PM

    Despite all the new found gloom and negativity around No Mans Sky, I decided to give it a go anyway. That's the beauty of buying things on steam.
    If it's total pants you can get a no questions asked refund if you've less than two hours game play. More than enough to get a feel for the game at minimum risk to your wallet.

    So first up if to understand is that No Mans Sky is a procedurally generated exploration game, much like Elite: Dangerous. That means as far as game play goes, what happens in Vegas get forgotten the minute you leave Vegas. Bar the naming of items, each time a player visits the planet is reconstituted anew.

    And while there's some combat when sentinels detect you damaging things, combat is not really the main focus.
    That's not to mention some of the more aggressive fauna, which might get the idea you're looking mighty tasty.

    As for multiplayer, well lets just say there's no multiplayer beyond being able to claim credit for discoveries. Again very similar to the style of play in Elite: Dangerous for those who go the explorer path.

    The main failing with this game (bar the technical ones, later) is that its catering to a niche game play style, but people seem to projected all sorts of aspirations onto it.
    Yes it's going to bore you if combat is what you're looking for, same for those looking for a social aspect to it. But those aren't the audiences it's aiming for, if exploring is your thing and seeing what the procedural dice rolls can throw up interests you, then maybe its worth your consideration.

    All the fauna and flora can be scanned and uploaded with the player getting credit.

    Items can also be renamed, hence the renaming of my second planet as "Dundalk" because it is a lifeless place devoid of any merit much like its namesake.

    Upgrades are easy enough to come by, at least in the initial few hours I've played and it doesn't take long to find a distress beacon for example which allows you to upgrade your ship. All you need do is repair the ship and it's good to go (which makes the pre-order bonus extra useless since you'll be rid of it quick anyway).

    And once you get your ships drives repaired you no longer need to be planet bound, allowing access to the spaces stations and other systems. Move to the light...

    Its all very Tron like on the hanger, lots of neon.

    But all that said, as far as the PC version goes it's a bit of a train wreak.

    The flight controls are a mess, if you're piloting your ship keep your hands off everything other than acceleration on the keyboard. Then its a case of suggesting to the ship where to go using the mouse and when I say suggest I mean suggest. You can move around no problem, but it's not exactly initiative.

    The menus clearly have a strong focus to the console view of the work, added to which in some places the keyboard shortcuts shown on the menus don't work. Though that's partially resolved in a recent patch. Again like the controls above not a show stopper but an irritant.

    Clearly a lot of tweaking needs to be done for the PC, graphical lag seems to be an issue at present. Though on that score your mileage will vary depending on your setup, I'm getting the odd drop but no so much its getting in the way. Textures loading in while flying over the terrain can look a bit odd and breaks the immersion somewhat.

    Some people are complaining about crashes, I've not experienced any. But clearly that may not be the case for you.

    I think a lot of these issues will get resolved sooner rather than later, added to which we'll start to see tweaks coming out for the PC version.
    The PS4 version doesn't seem to really suffer from these technical issues from what I can gather.

    So in closing do I suggest giving it a go?
    Well if you think exploration style game-play with occasional combat is your cup of tea, the yes it's worth a look.

    Lets put it this way I've not gone for the refund option myself, but if you're on the fence for it on PC grab it on steam and take it for a test drive.