Coming back to Dungeons and Dragons

As a child of the seventies I happened to be around for the advent of Dungeons and Dragons, though for me it was in the 80s with the Red Box edition that I got to play with my friends all those years ago.

The cover by Elmore was such a great draw for the game promising a world of excitement and adventure, one which in my view hasn’t been equalled in the intervening years.

But once that initial group of friends split up, as each of us went our different ways. The opportunity to play RPGs didn’t present itself to play in the following years despite my interest remaining.

I’ve bought various editions of D&D and other role-playing games since, but mainly to read for myself. The opportunity to play just didn’t seem to present itself.

That’s all changed recently, during the lockdown I’ve managed to get group together were we’ve played through my first campaign in over 30 years.

All thanks to use of online tools like Discord for audio and chat, then using Owlbear Rodeo for mapping encounters.

It has worked surprisingly well.