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  • Shiny New Toy !

    So I had a moment of madness and decided to blow my recent earning on a VR headset, the HTC Vive in particular. There didn't seem much between both it and the Oculus Rift in terms of price (Oculus is cheaper, but that doesn't include shipping and taxes which brings up to near parity). Add the much superior pair of steam VR controllers to the single x-box controller along with the addition of room tracking makes the decision for me at-least a no brainier between the two.

    Elite Dangerous with a VR headset really comes into its own, it's with doubt one of the best showcases for VR on the PC. While the resolution doesn't match that of a good monitor the extra sense of immersion quickly makes up for that shortcoming.

    Here's a wee sample of the standard game making a run from Barnard's Star to Earth, the head tracking to bring up the console works really well. Adding a HOTUS joystick means you don't need access to the keyboard.

    The VR headset is great when you're playing CQC (Close Quaters Combat). Though I still have a habit of denting the panels when taking corners :)
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    1. RevHellfire's Avatar
      RevHellfire -
      Next one to try is Star Citizen, that's patching now :D
    1. Maximilian's Avatar
      Maximilian -
      Damn. Really want one of these but I'm kinda holding out for the next version of them and maybe whatever gpu's get released next year. Sorely tempted to jump in now though.
    1. RevHellfire's Avatar
      RevHellfire -
      It's pretty neat, you need to be able to set a bit of space aside to get the best out of it.
      It needs a 2m x 2m minimum area for the room tracking to really work. That's more for you to be able to move around than a technical requirement. So if you're PC is in a spare room that can be an issue, I've got room... just.

      Fun thing in Elite: Dangerous is you can move around the cockpit and see your pilot, so if you've ever wondered whats behind you in an Anaconda allow me to show you.
    1. Maximilian's Avatar
      Maximilian -
      That's pretty cool. How are you finding (a) motion sickness and (b) screen door effect?

      I think after reading this https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/201...4k-vr-headset/ , I'll wait until the next version of the Vive or Rift comes out. Seems like the bump in resolution makes a difference and hopefully by the time the next versions come out there'll be a GPU that can power it. Really want one of them though..
    1. RevHellfire's Avatar
      RevHellfire -
      I've not had any issues with motion sickness, but it seems to be very much a case of the individual with respect to that.
      As for the screendoor effect, its there alright but you very quickly see past it, can#t say I see it as a problem.

      The biggest issue as far as Elite and other games go is small text, that can be displayed poorly. Though using super-sampling which you can enable really helps that. But you need a beefy GPU for that (you'll need one anyway).
      But even then you can just put your head closer to the text (in both physical and VR space).

      There's some tweaks incoming for VR both in steam and Elite so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.
      High resolution would be nice, but rendering that would be real costly (for now).

      I'll throw up of the actual VR games later if I get a chance, show you what they're like. Valves lab (free) is great as is Vanishing Realms.

      If you ever fancy a trip to Drogheda next time I sort out a games night (which I must arrange soon) you can give them a go.
    1. MoustachioedDictator's Avatar
      MoustachioedDictator -
      That looks really cool!