Wat I’m watching and so should you.

I’m currently seriously addicted to The Expanse which is working it’s way though season two of the show (airing on Wednesdays). I really can’t recommend it enough, it’s without a doubt one of the best series available right now.

The first season is available for watching on Netflix, with the second also available stateside. Unfortunately though it’s not yet available across on these shores; but I’m sure the more industrious can overcome that particular hurdle.

For those of you who recognise the name that’s because it is based on a series of book written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Not read the books myself (going to order them after this season ends), but I’ve heard good things and with such a good adaptation I’m expecting great things from the source.

4 thoughts on “Wat I’m watching and so should you.”

  1. Yeah I’ve been watching it too (on my new 4K TV) and it’s the best SF series since Battlestar.

    In other news, I think Civ 6 PBEM games are now possible since the last patch…

    Giant Multiplayer Robot are going to support PBEM shortly, so we shoudl start a game when that happens. I think the old days of using DK and waiting weeks for someone to play a turn is not a runner.

    1. Yeah I’d agree an automated system would be best, I’m happy to pick up the game once PBEM is confirmed.

      On a side note I’ll be expecting to see you in Elite once the commanders patch goes live.

    1. I’m happy to give either a go.
      If you confirm PBEM games are possible I’ll pick up Civ6, I’ll ping Nog and ‘tash to see if they’re interested.

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