Fugitive – Two player card game.

Cue tiniest violin music.

One of the biggest hindrances to playing board or cards is getting both time and people to play these games. And while I have a number of games which work well with three or more players, I’ve a very limited amount for just two players.

Luckily I’ve been introduced to a nice two player game which only runs for ten to twenty minutes, ideal for the lunch time session. 

So let me introduce you to Fugitive, a two player card game of deduction and bluffing.

The theme of the game is of a fugitive attempting to escape the investigator pursuing them by reaching their get-away (the 42th card).

Game play consist of the fugitive playing a hideout card each turn which can be up to three values greater than the last played hideout. The deception comes in that they may play any number of additional cards on top of this card to take them past the 3 step limit, though not all cards are necessarily used as part of the move. Allowing the investigator to be thrown off the scent.

The investigator for their turn gets to attempt to catch the fugitive by nominating a card number which if used as hideout must be revealed (along with any additional cards associated with it).

Should they identify the fugitives current hideout they get to apprehend them.

The cards to beautiful illustrated as can be seen in the samples shown below and additionally as a nice touch if you lay them out in sequence it illustrates the story of the pursuit.