Throttling YouTube uploads with Chrome

If you are sharing an internet connection with others, while uploading video content to the likes of YouTube. Then one issue you will have run into quickly is that you can quickly saturate the up-link.

Thus, making browsing unresponsive for the other users, since that up-link no longer has capacity to deliver their browsing requests.

A handy trick to get around this is to use the developer tools offered with Chrome to limit the amount of bandwidth you are consuming on your upload.

You can access this functionality by pressing F12 key on your keyboard to bring up the “developer tools” panel within Chrome. With the network throttling option offered under the “Network” tab.

The throttling can be selected by pressing the downward facing arrow at the end of the “Network” options. Though you may need to expand the amount of space visible to see the drop arrow to access the speed menu. (As shown below)

A number of presets are available which can be selected, along with the option to add a custom configuration.

Click the “Add custom profile” button to bring up the custom profile settings. Here you can supply the upload speed limit which is expressed in kb/s. For my purposes I want to restrict my uploads to around 5mb/s, so I entered 5000, the filled out dialog is shown below.

The action is completed by pressing the “Add” button highlighted in blue.

Once these actions have been completed you will be able to select your new profile on the Network tab shown earlier.

Your uploads will now be restricted to the limit you specified while the throttling option is active.

The new puritans.

What a time to be alive, with censorship disguised as moral virtue being the order of the day.

This is so clearly illustrated by the censoring of “Hylas and the nymphs” on the part of the Manchester Art Gallery and its subsequent attempt to back-track to the controversy which followed.

Hylas and the nymphs by John Williams Waterhouse

It should come as no surprise that the new puritans of the left would be no fans of the celebration of the female form. Which is so prominent in the paintings of John William Waterhouse.

That the painting has been reinstated is a triumph over the zealots and perhaps a wake-up call to the general public to the continued attempts at censorship by the authoritarian left.

Freedom has more often been lost in small steps by progressive incrementalism, than it has been by catastrophic upheavals such as violence or war.

-James Madison