The new puritans.

What a time to be alive, with censorship disguised as moral virtue being the order of the day.

This is so clearly illustrated by the censoring of “Hylas and the nymphs” on the part of the Manchester Art Gallery and its subsequent attempt to back-track to the controversy which followed.

Hylas and the nymphs by John Williams Waterhouse

It should come as no surprise that the new puritans of the left would be no fans of the celebration of the female form. Which is so prominent in the paintings of John William Waterhouse.

That the painting has been reinstated is a triumph over the zealots and perhaps a wake-up call to the general public to the continued attempts at censorship by the authoritarian left.

Freedom has more often been lost in small steps by progressive incrementalism, than it has been by catastrophic upheavals such as violence or war.

-James Madison

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