Legacy server among World of Warcraft community

Since we’re all a bit long in the tooth around these parts, its not unfair to assume that most of us have played World of Warcraft either at launch or soon there after. It’s this version of the game, along with the initial expansion “The Burning Crusade” some claim represents the World of Warcraft at its height in terms of game-play. 

So while subsequent expansions may have added new content and features some would argue that social aspects and challenge offered by the game where greatly diminished.

The following video illustrates the problems which arose reasonably well. 


Its from tapping into this mindset that the recently Nostalrius server had managed to maintain an active player base of 150,000 players. But with such a large active player base it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Blizzard forced the shuttering of such a server infringing on their IP.

But it does show that an appetite for such a service exists and with that in mind a change.org petition (link below) has started to try to encourage Blizzard to rethink their stance on legacy servers. Either by working with third-party community servers (unlikely) or by providing their own “legacy” server(s).

Change.org – Legacy server among World of Warcraft community

As an additional side note if 200k signatures are reached, then Mark Kern the team lead on the initial World of Warcraft release has promised to personally deliver the petition.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Battlefleet Gothic is one of those Games Workshop games that I always meant to pick up for myself but never did. I’d sunk enough of my time and money into an ever escalating battle with the Butcher Of Nog and his Ork hordes such that my war funds could never cover the cost of an arms race in space against him as well 🙂

So as you can imagine I’m a happy chappy to find that getting my capital ship kicks is a whole lot more affordable now that the aforementioned Battlefleet is available for pre-purchase on Steam (and for around €3 less on the Humble Bundle if you’ve got the monthly subscription).

I’ve not played much, but what I have I’ve liked to date. It’s rather reminiscent of those old tall ship battles you see in movies with ships looking to gain a broadside against their enemies while they jostle for position. 

Here’s a video of the first level (tutorial) for the games campaign which gives you a feel for the game-play.

Eck where’s the site gone !

It’s time for a change here at Darkkeep and in particular to a new hosting solution.

For quite some time I’ve been thinking that the old forum based software which was employed had long ago reached its best by date and without the necessity for forum posts to house the PBEM games a move to something other than vBulletin was called for.

Hence the wasteland that you see before you, devoid of signs of life bar this at present solitary post.