Trapped in amber

It’s that time of year for me, when hosting subscriptions come up for renewal and general housekeeping needs to be performed. In amongst the various hosted sites is an old friend which brings us back to where it all started in 11th march 1998, at 21:11pm to be exact !


Good old HIV aka Hot Internet Virgins, the site for our wee Quake 2 clan and the ancestor of this place.

It’s all very low-res these days, back then 1024 by 768 was the order of the day.
As was the use of the word Cunt, apprently.

It features quite prominently, as does our eternal hatred for that cunt McEltroy. Now I’m not sure what they did to deserve our scour, but I’d imagine they deserved it.┬áThe cunt.

It’s a nice time capsule of the gaming scene in Ireland back in the late 90’s.
Marvel at Nog’s flash expertise, groovy!
Who remembers clans like Doozer, Incarnate or Gun Islanders. The where the other Quake II clans of the time… *Shakes fist*

Looking back I’m still quite proud of my Paintshop Pro skills.

And finally for Max, I’ll leave this here.

Hard to believe it was Na-na-nineteen years ago ! Fuck we’re old.