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Thread: SoundPlayer - A simple audio playback application.

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    Default SoundPlayer - A simple audio playback application.

    SoundPlayer is a simple audio player which will allow you to play a single a file through the audio output of your choice.
    It's primary design requirements are to have a small footprint and allow for the optional pressing of a mouse button during playback to mimic 'push-to-talk' functionality.

    The application can be called in the following manner.
    • List available output devices

      The list of available devices can be obtained by calling the application with the -list argument.
      The application will display a dialog showing the reported devices, the device for playback can be selected by using either a partial or complete string with the -device argument detailed below.

    • Play audio clip

      A audio clip can be played by supplying the path to the file as an argument. In addition the following arguments can also be used while performing a playback operation.

      -device <device name>
      The playback device can be selected by using the -device argument, which takes a string used to match to a device previously listed using the -list argument

      For example, to play the file example.mp3 using the first output device with "High Definition Audio" in its title.
      soundplayer.exe -device "High Definition Audio" example.mp3

      -delay <value>
      A delay between the start and end of the clip playback is introduced using the -delay argment.
      For example, to introduce a quarter seconds delay (250 milliseconds).
      soundplayer.exe -device "High Definition Audio" -delay 250 example.mp3

      -mouseb <value>
      Using the -mouseb argument, a mouse button press can be simulated.
      For example to press the mouse button 4 pressed for the duration of the delay and sound playback the following would be used.
      soundplayer.exe -device "High Definition Audio" -delay 250 -mouseb 4 example.mp3
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